perforated metal sheet
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perforated metal sheet
perforated metal sheet2
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One Stop Wire Mesh and Deep Processing Manufacturer in China

After 20 years of development, our company has one-stop service from wire mesh weaving to deep processing: annealing, welding, cutting, bending, hemming, surface treatment.
10000m2 Factory
Sterling owns 10,000+m2 square meters factory with more than 100 sets of machines, including weaving , welding, stamping, punching and other processing equipment.
100+ Employees
Sterling has always adhered to independent innovation and has more than 100 skilled workers, R&D teams, sales and management personnel.
Sterling-one stop shop
One Stop Shop
You can purchase raw materials, and Sterling can also produce customized deep-processed products according to your requirements.
Sterling-20 years
20+ Years Experience
Established in 2000, Sterling has accumulated rich experience in production and export, providing customers with high-quality products and services.

Featured Wire Mesh Products

Sterling can provide different types of Wire Mesh products. Our main products include: Perforated metal sheet; Crimped Wire Mesh; Alloy Mesh; Wedge wire screen; Reinforcing mesh; Expanded metal mesh; Polyester belt; Wire fence; Welded wire mesh and Filter element.
Sterling-perforated metal sheet

Sterling has computer numerical control punching equipment, photo-etching equipment and various light, medium and heavy punching mesh machinery, as well as supporting CNC shearing machines, bending machines, CNC turret punching and other equipment. We can produce: round, square, triangular, diamond,  hexagonal, cross holes, etc. Materials include: iron, stainless steel, copper,  aluminum, galvanized plate, etc.

alloy mesh

Sterling’s alloy mesh products are widely used in industrial electric furnaces, power plant boilers, petrochemicals, aerospace, ships, machinery, electronic instruments and other industries. The characteristics of use are: high resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. The products can be in accordance with national standards , industry standards and foreign standard organization production, and can also provide corresponding products according to the special needs of customers.

crimped mesh

According to different materials, crimped wire mesh can  be divided to galvanized crimped wire mesh, white steel crimped mesh, black steel crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh (stainless steel wire includes 202, 301, 302, 304, 304L , 316, 316L, 321), wire rod crimped wire mesh, copper-clad steel crimped wire mesh. According to different purposes, the crimped mesh can also be used as a mine sieve ginned mesh, a pig ginned mesh, a barbecue ginned mesh, a granary ginned mesh, and a decorative ginned mesh.

expanded mesh

Sterling has various types of heavy, medium and small expanded metal mesh punching and shearing machines: punching, shearing, flattening, pressing, deep processing and other one-stop production lines. Our products are divided into low-carbon , aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum-magnesium alloy expanded metal mesh. Surface treatment includes galvanizing, spraying, rolling and other processes.

Sterling-wire fence

Mainly include: frame type fence, bilateral wire fence, triangular bending type fence, double ring fence, Dutch mesh fence, expanded metal fence, chain link fence, workshop isolation fence, blade barbed wire fence , Stadium fence, iron fence and gabion net, SNS slope protection net and other products.

Sterling-polyester mesh

Sterling is a professional large-scale manufacturer of paper machine clothing (forming fabrics, press felts, and dryer fabrics), filter belts, filter mesh, and polyester mesh belts. We use only the best polyester yarns from reliable suppliers, which is essential for us to be able to secure excellent and stable quality of finished products.

Why choose Sterling

Sterling has one-stop service from wire mesh weaving to deep processing: annealing, welding, cutting, bending, hemming, surface treatment. We have passed ISO 9001 and SGS certification and continue to improve our techniques and introduce production equipment. We implement strict quality control throughout the whole.
Sterling-deep processing

Processing customization one-stop service


Sterling has passed the ISO 9001 and SGS certification. We have strict quality control system and advanced equipment and many skillful workers to meet all your demands.

Special Alloy Wire Mesh

Certain alloys can provide resistance to corrosive or oxidizing environments. While others offer enhanced strength, abrasion resistance or the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Sterling can produce wide range of alloy materials.
Specialized processing according to your drawings

Sterling can not only provide high quality wire mesh products, but also take a leading role in product development and design. We aim to meet our customers’ constantly changing needs and develop new technology to solve their problems.

What's the processing services we can provide?

We have complete wire mesh processing production lines including cutting, pressing, forming, welding and surface treatment production lines.

How about free samples?

We can offer free samples because we have firm confidence in our product quality. All you need to do is to pay for the freight.

How about the materials?

We can provide a variety of materials, common ones such as stainless steel, copper, carbon,  aluminum. In addition, you can specify raw materials according to your application such as alloy metal.

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Sterling Meets All Your Demands:

No matter you need to remove harmful contaminants from liquids or gases or separate a material from another, you will always get a desired result from Sterling. We have full capabilities to provide you with best custom solutions from development, design and manufacturing aspects. We will communicate with our customers about the product details and their working environments and turn the design ideas into reality. In the end, we will offer wire mesh products or deep processing service.

Please email me now, you are always welcome!

Major Industries

Our products are mainly used in: petrochemical, aeronautics and astronautics, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, new energy, automotive and electronic industry.

Looking forward to our cooperation

You are warmly welcome to consult, visit, negotiate and customize products. We cherish your every entrustment and strive to provide the highest quality products and services.
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